Fly Fishing Fears

What were your fears when you started fly fishing? Here were my first three then, and still, now. Fear of what to wear  Fear of what fly to use Fear of reading the water Fear of what to wear  We all have the stuff. Just put it on and get […]

Ruby Revenge

Worth the Quarantine Went to Montana to visit my friend from PA  for a week. Fished every day for 5 days. Ate turkey/ provolone sandwiches, salt and vinegar chips, airplane left-over snacks, one fancy meal, two pizzas, and bagels. Oh, lots of beer. I picked out the cans that had trout […]

North Carolina Brown Trout

This past November, I hosted a Fly Fishing trip to the perfect waters of Western North Carolina. My guests and I had the pleasure of being guided by Headwaters Outfitters. This is a fish story that happened at the end of the float day, of our last day of our […]

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